रहर कि वाध्यता?

राइफल लिएकी एउटी माओवादी महिला छापामारः राइफल लिएकी एउटी माओवादी महिला छापामारः नेपालको पूर्वी जिल्ला भोजपुरको माओवादी सैनिक तालिम हेरिरहेकी यी महिला छापामारको तस्विर एफपिले खिचेको हो।

यो तस्विर हेरेपछि तपाईको मनमा कस्तो खालको तरंग पैदा भयो? आफ्नो छोटो विचार व्यक्त गर्नुहोस्।
- पशन तमू

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148 Responses to “रहर कि वाध्यता?”

  1. Kaushal says:

    Unko Sapana bhatkieko chha, Bhatikieka Sapana haru Bartaman Nepal Ko Gau bhaera baljhieko chha.

    Aba dhesh kata tira jaanchha? u bichar gardai chhin…

  2. Raj says:

    kehi nalaake pachi banduk utaunu parchha..sayad tehi baheyra ho ki..??
    aafno sundar sapana bigrera aanuhar maa kuni chamak china….??Aatim samahey maa banduk pani utaunu parcha..this is all done by palace,political parties…i fully accept her decision carrying guns.

  3. Maskey,ILL. USA says:

    Yo photo here pachhi ,

    yo singo man jiring bhayo ani ma afu bhitra kunai euta prasna bachak chinha ?
    ani ma afai jiring sarir lae kampanna baat sthirta din ko lagi

    kunai samadhan ko khoj tir lage jun yaha mero singo man matra hoin yo ta euta singo desh bhitra euti nari ko haat ma kalam , namlo , nanglo , ujyalo muhar hunu parne thau ma kin yo banduk??????????????ani bhawuk, rahasya may dristi???

    ani anek prasna ko uttar le thau ogatna lagyo.
    1) yo samaya hoin manav prani haru ko manas-patal pherieka hun.
    2) jun yaha un- education, poverty, lack of food, lack of morality, le otprot yo desh jaha abo ta nari ko atma bal le sara banduk (hatiyar) le sajieko tyo sunaulo umer

    3) euta ek muthi anna ra ek saro thangna ko lagi jiunu laaee badhayta ma chhin ti nari haru, yo tinko matra hoin yu ta hami sara nari ko badhayta ho bhanne malae lageko chha.

    ra malae yo banduk le sajieko ti badhyata bas ko tasbir le yaha USA ma two month agadi dekhi jiskae raheko thyo tar ma maun thie mera atma bhitra prasna ra utter le thau bhane ogati raheko thiyo.

    prasna shodhieko chha sarai utprerak chha ani yaha

    jatil sthiti ma tollae raheki ti cheli laaee prasna le ghach ghachhae raheko chha???????

    tyo banduk samaeki nari ko bhar ma mathi pani utikai gahrungo bhae raheko chha.

  4. Maskey,ILL. USA says:

    1) Euta kalilo haat le tyo banduk boknu bhaneko

    abo ki ta raja bhanne sabda laaee nimtyanu ho.
    2) ani Buddh le janma lieko desh lae euta Afgan ko marubhumi ma
    tulana garnu ho.

    3) ani tyo banduk ko badhayta , laaee biswao ma hami nepali pani

    world women gun holder and Terror bhaner chinaunu ho.

    4) ani bholi ko din maa kunai country holder ra janata owner ko jaruri chhaen bhanne sanket dinu ho.
    yadi yo banduk boki badhyata ma bachnu parchh bhane kin tyo kukur jasta neta ko khoji ?
    tyo krur narayini hiti ko sajisajau?
    ani ti bakam phuse gafadi leader haru ko chaplusi??

    ani malae lagchh
    euta sikka ma due pata hunchhan
    jun eka pati nari ko haat ma banduk chhan bhane

    arko pati dhani mani ko chahal pahal chhan.

    yo road star dekhi five star ko tulnatmak jivan le pakkai pani desh cheli ko haat ma banduk le sangla laudai chha.

    jab samma hami ma ek samanta audain
    !) Cast, professionaly, education, income-source, inertainment with wisdom not wild.
    tab samma desh me pratyek cheli ko haat ma yo banduk le thau ogati rahanchha.

  5. kancha biwas says:

    Firstly, thanks for keeping this touching picture in your blog. This picture itself speaks a lot, if we really want to listen and hear from it.

    Today, most of the educated Nepalese ppl are in the cities and abroad and are avail of the facilities like internet and news. We have a kind of different world around us. We can manage two time meals, clothing and shelter for us, with the grace of Almighty.

    But we should not forget, wherever we go, our Nepal is 80% comprised of villages. To know the Nepal, we have to know our villages. We have to know that ppl in those villages are living an uncertain life sandwiched between the insurgency and the Armed forced.

    Nepalese, ever where u r, PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz, don’t forget your village, family and country… Being the citizens of the same country, we have some duties and responsibilities towards them. Help them, in all the means we can…

    Those who go to the dance bars and cabins to enjoy, please try to peep at another side of those gals, who are forced to work in the bars and cabins.
    Those youths who go to the discos and clubs to enjoy, Please don’t forget that it is not the time to dance and merry making, rather to think about the country.
    Those who are abroad and have escaped the present dilemma, please try to help the motherland in all the possible ways.
    PLZ, sing for the country, write for the country, live for the country, and your life will be blessed.

    Kancha Biwas

  6. Bhawani says:

    yo banduk ko badhyata ma rumallieki chheli le

    mannan gariraheki chhin jun usko pachhadi pati ko sirsik DESH RA BIDESH KO SAMACHAR bhanne wakkya haru sang tini judhi raheki chhin ani sochan badhyata chhin.
    ABO Bhannush hajur yaha desh bidesh ko samachar sanga kati ko pidit chhin tini euta banduk ko badhyata ma tinle sunaulo din haru gumaeraheki chhin.
    yo tasbir here pachi ta jhan ti desh bhitra ko besya jasta rajniti , kothi ko jasto neta ani ti sadam husen jasto raja ko ta kunai sirsak nai padhanu man lagdain.

  7. Bhawani says:

    well dear Kanchha Biwas ji,

    u r recalling to all of overseas nepali to join hand to hand to resolution our stressful life.
    Absolutely correct ur . reqesting is hunderd percent right,
    but i would like to request to u about only one topicks, which is realy u r hanging for such kind of peoples who r missing way n missing their life in the unreasonable way. well Kanchha jiu, just i want ask u one question,
    did u pass ur some certain age without dancing, gathering???
    if u say then , u r realy pure nepali and God gift child for ur parent as well as for nation. too.

    well i would like to forward some topick to u .
    i found u r really smart person and nation devotee.

    i found since our all of old literature expressed their purity words in the white paper such as

    rato chandra ra surya jhanda , jangi nisan hamro

    killa kangda dekhi tista

    it is all made new generation lazy n bhawuk but never change their own,
    so i can say very confidently
    it is going to change the our nation too, so how many people will hurt by dancing in bar, enjoying in disco and spending the money in unncessary,

    it is the time to know more morality by them self, we can’t control them to say or band of restrict.

    it is play ground look howmany will hurt or how many weill get experience through that way we never know?
    only way we can do . since our young generaion, which begin age
    todler, teen. if u want to do then let them to die in the bar to getting enjoy but lets begin our new project for our child who will be great n smart devotee of nation, cause they didn’t get such kind of knoledge from anybody, so there are two part, who are using money to exchange their intertainment , they are dumped for somebody.

    who are those exchange their own beautiful body such as nacked , bikkini dance n selling them self then they are all crazy, they are blind.All body seller are Dumped too.
    so we can’t bark for such kind of person n we can’t restrict for that age,
    it is possible to do that only way we can start for child.
    if u want then let know how much u r interested to rebuild our child world.
    i can share some knowledge with u , but not only by talking u must do around ur area. then i can say how much we can bark in this society??
    okey bro , let wait to know more about overseas living style.then i will return n i will share my planning n i will give u some responced to begin new life for our society.

  8. Kirat Gurung says:


    so, what should be done?? Let’s discuss about this. Rather discussing about what she’s really going through and what’s Nepal as whole going throug. Sabbai lai thaha cha. Dess ma k hudaai cha bhanne kura.

    Tessai le, discuss about what should be done. Like: how we (individual nepali) can help nation. Or what ever. K garnu parcha.. aathawa.. k gare hami le yesto manche lai help dina sakincha?? bhanera chalfaal gare ramro huncha hola jasto lagcha malai.

    Dhanye’ baad.

  9. Raj says:

    Its really sad,emotional to see such a picture..but its the reality of Nepal.No one living abroad can be unaware of this situation.If there is no alternatives than,people should carry guns,fight for regime…becoz morning shows the day…oneday Nepal will get democracy.
    I am peace lover and i dont regret but i fully support her decision carrying guns.Thousands miles begin with single steps.Keep it ..up.I fully support it.

  10. kancha biwas says:

    Most of the gals at this age think and desire about a life with prince charming of their dreams and a small happily married life with lovely kids playing and shouting around them. But this picture tells the different story. Yes, the story is different but it is the fact.
    This is the bitter side of the lives of the most of the girls/boys from the villages and other remote areas of Nepal. Some must be willing holding guns in the hands, but the most of them are forced to do so. They also wish to walk on the fashion ramps, and go out for shopping in the busy markets of New Road and Bishal Bazar. They also wish to live happy life enjoy the materialized world. But destiny has something different for them, have to walk in the jungles with the hungry stomach, sleepless nights and away from their homes and family members.

    Dear Nepalis, it is wake up time for us. The time to think about motherland and bright future of her.
    Wake up!
    Stand up!!
    Raise up !!!

    With thanks,
    Kancha Biwas.

  11. "koney" says:

    sapana pura hos

  12. Lara says:

    Thanks for placing such emotional picture though it looks silent but itself speaks a lot so, what else to write more? thank you AFP and HKNepal.com- to bringing this hidden reality to all.

  13. bikaschandra rai, uk says:

    batai bhari kada haru bhaye pachhi ” hidchhu bhanne haru” kada panchhyauna chahanchhan. yathartha yasto hunchha ki kalilo sukomal hat le kada hatauna sakindaina. kunai na kunai oujarko abasyakta parchha. tyahi abasyakto ko arko nam ho hamri cheli le samayeko banduk!!
    maya lagera auchha unko anuhar herda! usko kunai thulo lakshya chhaina. jasari pani anyaya, atyachar ra bharstachar ma parera marinu nai parchha bhanne thaha paye pachhi baru tyako pratikar nai garera marnu athawa marinu ramro ho. pratikar ko antya pani marnu ma nai chha bhanne thaha payera bichara alik bechain dekhinchhin ,bichara cheli!! je bhaye pani tapai hami jasto katar chahi hoina. tapai hami ta napungsak ho napungsak!! hamilai kate pani thikai mare pani thikai. pani ma phale pani thikai, ago ma homidiye ani thikai!! hami lai dhuke pani athawa pole pani - aaiiyaaaa!! ra aathuuuu!! bhanna nasakne hami napungsak hoina ra ke houn ta??
    hamri chilee le aaiiyaaaa ra aaathu bhaneko ho. aru kehi hoina. bhrasta neta ra rajale janata ko chahana bujhnu parchha. desh ma saman adhikar, saman awasar, ani santi le bachnu napaye pachhi ko parinam ho. girija prasad koiral jasto bhrasta neta kina patak patak pradhan mantri hune?? hoina kina janmadaina nepal ra nepali lai maya garne nepali neta?? aba nepal ama le yesto euta chhoro janmaunu parchha, jo hamro lagi jyan dina sakos, kursi tanne ra kursi ma ni ladai garne dusta hoina. dusta chhora bhanda ta banduk bokera hidne hamri nirdoshi cheli haru nai janminu parchha. jo anyaya sahana nasakos!! ma pani marnu nai ramro chha bachnu bhanda, kina bhane ma jiudo lash saman hun. na ta malai dukhchha, na ta ma kunai anubhuti nai garna sakchhu. tyasaile ma aphainlai pani mare tulya thaneko chhu.
    hamri cheliko pratikar garne bato pharak bhayeko huna sakchha, tara uni marera gaye pani bachna ra bachauna chahane abhagi chhori ho uni. tyasaile hami kunai na kunai tarpha bata desh ko chinta garnu parchha. chinta matra hoina, desh ko nimti kehi yogdan pani garnu paryo. desh bigriyo bhanera purpuro ma hat matra narakhnu hola mahasaya!! kehi garnu pani hos!!

    hamri cheli lai daya ra maya matra hoina, usko bichar lai samman pani garnuhos!! banduk nai boknu parchha bhanne chhaina, tara sath dinushos!! bichara cheli biruwa phal-phul ko biruwa ropna chahanchhin. aphsoch ko kura!! biruwa hurke pachhi phal khane bela ma sayadai swarga ma hunchhin holi!!!!!! sayadai tyhi sano gunaso huna sakchha tyo malin anuharko.

    aba kunai cheli le banduk boknu naparos. mero yo napungsak ankhale hamro nani keta keti haruko bijog dekhnu naparos!! desh ko raja ani netaharu le bado gambhir bhayera sochnu parchha aba. akhir ma marinai parchha bhane hami pani banduk bokera ”marinuko prtikar” garne chhoun. khabar dar!!! neta ho!!! aba timi haru ko ankha khulnu parchha!! hamile bachnu paunu parchha. hamro sangharsa bhane ko nai swatantra bachna paunuko lagi hunechha.
    maoist le je gari rahechha, ma tyasko sahamat ma chhaina tara jun karan le uniharu banduk samauna pugyo tyo sohrai ana satya ra sandarbhik chha.

    aunuhos!! hami pani aba desh bachaunu tarpha lagoun. hamile pani santi sanga bachnu parchha.
    jaya desh!
    jay nepal!!

  14. RAVI says:

    Photo herda lagchha uni raharle bhanda vadhyetale banduk bokna lageko dekhinchha.Desh garibiko khadalma purida,annyaya attyacharle sima naghda,janta jahile pani bhokmariko jatoma pisida,berojgarle bhehal bhayera yettra tattra bhoutarinu parda aru upaye pani ta hunu paryo ni,tehi baikalpik upayeko phal ho yo photo.

  15. chhaya says:

    yek biwas nari jasko awastha ke hunu parne thiyo ke bhayo ke hudai chha ra ajha ke hune ho samjhada pani samjhanai nasakne sayed oosle pani aafno jindagi dhekhi niras hudai ahjhai ke ke garnu parne ho ke hune ho bhanera sojdai hola,
    ra mero wish arko junima ooslai bhagwan le testo thauma janmai nadiun.

  16. rai585 says:

    2 wata karan chha no 1 ho yasko bura or afanta army wa police le merara maobadi ma gayo natra haina bhane dimag bigrera kal khojna gako ho….

  17. Tejendra says:

    By looking her face., we can clearly see that she has been forced to hold that gun by so called Maoist. Her face is also expressing that she is being Sexually or phisically abused. …… at the end ….and may be, because she is just a Mongolian gal.

  18. alok says:

    raharle haina karle.

  19. Riya Thapa says:

    It seems like………yo banduk rahar le haina kaar le linu pareko hola……..haina ra……..

  20. Zac says:

    she was desparetly fraustration…she should me in Miss Nepal HK competition this year. She is just wondering how she fell if she was instead of Purnima Gurung.
    Zac, States

  21. Amin says:

    This is the reality of Nepal, necessity of present time !!
    Nobody there in Nepal to solve this crises. They don’t have really peace hearty. NO CHOICE !!

  22. Cyberhk says:

    किन बन्दुक बोकेको भनेर उसलाइ पनि थाहा छैन होला,बिचरा रहर
    ले होइन करले नै त्यो बन्दुक बोकेको होला1


  23. Lara says:


    Though, you are living in states or Space seems your mentally is very poor otherwise, you can’t compare her feelings with “KHILLI ” garera after all, She is not less than any Miss Universe at her field coz she has been carrying ‘Gun” no tlike you styaing in States and talking “Big Mouth”.

  24. Lara says:


    Mongolian gal bhayra nai bhanera please don’t under estimate hai afnai cheli haru lai

  25. Vibhishan Rai says:

    Mogolian Girl Tyo Pani Rai chelli Hunu Parcha,Mero Comments
    Ke cha Bhane,Best of Luck and Cograt cha hai Chelli.Kina ki
    Tapai Haru,Lok Taantrik Gana tantra ra Sammidhan Savha Ko
    Laagi stuggle Gardai Hunu Huncha.Raza Gyanendra Ko
    Pachayati System ko against maa,Yo ta Nepali Janataa lai Chahiyeko ho,Jun Tapai Haru le ladai hunuhuncha.!!!

    Gyanendra Ko 0ld Pachayeti Dictetership ko Against maa Tapai
    Haru le,Khukuri,Raifle,Ak-47,Missile,B-52,F-16,F17 etc Sabai
    Uthaye Pani Mero great Support rahane cha.

    Date Xpired Panchayeti Dictetership Policy lai hatauna tapai
    Haru ko Junsukai Treaty,policy used garnuhosh haamro 100%
    support Rahane cha.Thanx!!!

  26. MASKEY,ILL. USA says:




    so Lara Didi had focused very important role of cheli, so please try to understand poor guys, specially who is in state of poor life and other bro.

  27. Veensent Rai says:

    Tejendra Pat,Ko Monglian Girl bhanne Saily chahi malai useless,
    Bakwass Lagyo,Tyesaari Mangolian Jaati haru Lai Dabbyera
    chahi nabhanne La,tyesto Fact haammilai Maan Pardaina 0K.

    Pat 52(Baahun) ho Ki,53(Chetri) ho Yaar??
    Pat Lai autta Jaankari dina Chahachu La,Tyo Ke Bhane ni yo
    Universe maa Mongolian Face haru ko population Total Population
    ko 60% cha.!!!!
    Veensent Rai
    Yuen Long,Hong Kong

  28. MASKEY,ILL. USA says:

    Dear Pashan Dai
    dai sorry hai, Ek nirash anuhar ma banduk ko angalo dekher me atier Koti koti thanks dinu birse rakheko,
    any way dai,
    many thanks for real pain ful

  29. Ram prasad aryal says:

    Yeuta tyo nari jasko khusi khosiye ko chha & ani badyeta, bibasta bich jiuna bidhya chha. Saathai sampurna nari ko betha sametiye ko chha tyo aanuhar ma. Jaha nari ko dhuki maan lai jhalkai rahe ko chha.
    aryal ram

  30. KANCHA BIWAS says:

    Dear Friends,

    It is just one picture of a girl who has held gun for some cause by force or by will. You have to know that there are hundreds of girls and boys living the same life in the remote areas of Nepal.
    Today, you all saw this picture in this blog so pouring your emotions, responses and feelings through the comments. But, PLZ, think about them and their lives, even if you are not seeing or coming across such pictures. Most of you will forget the pains of these boys and girls, as you go away from this picture. OUT OF THE SIGHT, OUT OF THE MIND. But please make yourself to think about these ppl, whenever and where ever you are… Because they are our own brothers and sisters. More than that we are the citizens of the same country. And at this situation, our mother is suffering.

    Yes, of course, you might say what we could do? And I know we can not go to jungle or even we can not demonstrate on the roads. But, at least we can do every best from our sides. The writers write about the pain of of motherland, the singers sing about the pain of motherland And the brainy guys think about some other way outs for this turmoil of our mother land.


    Mr. Zac from USA was jokingly comparing her with the Ms HK. I just can say, Zac has very very very poor and desperate mentality. Though he is in USA, he must be washing plates there in some hotel (I felt so due to his mentality.)

    Mr. Tajendra has mentioned that she is in this state being a Mongolian gal. You are wrong dear! There are a lot of gals both from Arayan and Mongolian families. This Maoist problem is not of particular ethnic or group or race. It is the common problem of whole Nepalis.

    Kaancha biwas.

  31. Rajiv Rai says:

    Herda ta picture ko Lady..widow/bidhuwa huna sakcha !!! her sad looks ani gun ko combination le garda malai ta Nepalese army le unko innocent/nirdosh husband ko murder/encounter garey pachi revenge lina lai ready bhayeko jasto lagyo ..haina ra , doesn’t she look so ..???

  32. moon says:

    bastabma sukha dukha bhaneko sangharsa nai ho bhanne hola usko man ma pani ma aaru kehi bhanna sakdina kina ki ma pani kunai bela bowas bhayeko thiye ani ma pani bhojour ko ho tara malai thaha thiyena ki bhojourle yasto ection lela bhanera yo mero lagi sachikai offsoch ko kura ho anyway god bless to her ……..

  33. Prakash K.C. says:

    This perticular part of the world was once seemed like so easy to live,….in another words,..just breath in and breath out…that much simple….,.life used to be the wrampth of the soil…..smell of the mud…wherever you would go..you could feel it…the whole lot of breath used to come up with a trumpth of happiness….
    but now..you just could able to see the vast boundries of devastations…..destructions. It’s not only surfacial but in the inner core of every nepalese’s heart.
    The girls..the boys with full of hope for the future are landing days after days on the another countries’s soil…some may one day can return back to country…but a lot of them would remain just with the dust somewhere in nowhere with their dreams…
    Our country was not ready for full democracy…it had to have to be a little controlled, the politicians ruined our country….it has rottened from everywhere…..
    The above posted photo is a part of this system….
    she could be a sister…a wife…a beloved mother…but she just remained a trigger of that rifle…
    who over here are living in HK…be always a little bit more serious about the chances you are having…about the luck you are getting….
    just drop a couple of tears for them and wish them a fruithfull meanings…
    god bless all our such types of sisters and brothers
    that’s all

  34. durga says:

    raharhaina badhayata ho! yo kalilo harharule
    ugau dekhiko michaha ritiharulai chunauti dina
    sabailai auhan gareko cha!

  35. Raj says:

    This is all done by Bahuns. Bahuns destroy beautiful Nepal.Everyone is aware of Nepal situation.The girl seems pretty innocent..thats is our habit.
    I am unknown to you,far away from Nepal.But i fully support yr desirness.We have to carry guns..if there is no solution.
    The girls represent the situation of Nepal.Keep it up.I 100 percent support you.

  36. Raj says:

    Dont you see innocent image of girl in picture.???
    We moongalian came,arrived in Nepal before than Bahuns,chetri..History is the proof.And you know it very well.
    Think before you write somthing…may be one day yr sister,mother else also have to face such circumstances.

  37. Adhi Raj Rai"prakash" says:

    We r nepali we love nepal
    nepal is our mother.our home.
    “so past is past”
    no chukche no thapche
    we most love each other than make better future.
    no west no east.we r nepali.
    “Think Different”
    so she likes to hold gun that she’s right.
    if we talking about the chuche that gun also provied by chuche
    so what is is a right ans?
    anyway hold gun or pen But love NEPAL.

  38. MASKEY,ILL. USA says:

    wah wah intelligent , bhladmi bekufff
    most of who are some of guys indicated the cast n those are all typical stupid and such kind of people are destroying the nepal and nepali daily life.

    i can say with very confidently to Raj, Tejendra, and Jack, all of u r very stupid, NON LIVING. is it all of u are getting chance to expressed ur cast prioriety in this BLOG????

    but ALL OF we ARE GOING TO JOINT UR HAND TO HAND TO FIGURE OUT the specail role to remove such kind of problem from nepal.

    if all the nepali people will remain their pitty concept then look this is only holding the gun but next will have very danger situation which brother will rape to sister and father will rape to daughter and mother will rape to son and son will rape to aunty.
    is it , this will help to resolution the such kind of messed .
    never ever will remove untill we don’t remove our pitty concept from the heart.
    so if Raj do u want to say about cast belonging bahun are the main casue in the nepal to make such kind of problem, then why most of orgnization are taking the participate with bahun in hong kong, too. actually i m not bahun but i can say against the cast.

    i hate to focused about cast, why u didn’t focused to person?
    if u are real human being then u won’t follow the stupid guy , Tejendra.
    is it bahun are destryoing the nepal???
    how about gyane? gyane is bahun??
    why Balbahadur rai didn’t carry out the real job in the nepal while he was minister.
    look, i m newar but i hate myself to admire dusty people though they we newar.
    u r right u want to support cast, but u have to understand if u add the butter in the fire then what is the result???

    u have to understant if u collect the corn in one DALO. then u can find only one ghoon in corn. is it u will through all the corn because of one ghun????

    if u want then u remain ur concept at all forever to fight with each other.
    but if u consider to avoid the ghoon for rest of corn in the dalo then u will figure out some way ,
    such as this time we need to think for such kind of critical problem.

    well Raj ji it is to much
    bujhne laee shree khand na bujhne laaee khukuri ko bend.

  39. MASKEY,ILL. USA says:

    GOOD JOB./
    THANKS Adiraj ji, i didn’t find ur comment so long time.
    this time i met u here,
    ur very nice example.
    yes there are so many kind of people in this field n providing the gun by main bahun, is it Babu ram bhattarai is mangolian, look, why people are getting mad,
    i m sure if people don’t share each other problem then we will remain in the same place n one day we will be looks afgan.

  40. gyanu says:

    Her face is also expressing that she is being Sexually or phisically abused. …… at the end ….and may be, because she is just a Mongolian gal.
    Hey U idiot Tejendra, what do you mean by this? Never use this word to single out a group of people who for your kind informationa are the “aadibaasis”. Mongolians are who lived in Mongolia to be true and the girl pictured is from Nepal. How could you say anything without having a bit of knowledge on it. You know Mr. Tejendra, we are Matwaalis in Nepal and Asians in the context of world. Mind this and what do you mean by sexually and physically abused just being a mongolian? You got a very dirty, filthy and totally absurd mentally Mr. Tejendra. You suck. Go to hell !! or improve yourself in every aspect as you lack everything so far I perceived.

  41. gambhir says:

    Tootal support to U Gyanu

  42. MASKEY,ILL. USA says:

    oh, dear Kanchha Biwash
    many thanks for ur real fact comment number 30. recalling and wake up all of us from the miserable mother-land.
    well i am gonna give u big hug n many thanks for ur this comments. i luv it,
    well , u expressed the way for singer to sing a motherland song.
    u requested to writer to write ackonwledgement for pianful mother-land. and for brainy guys could do somethings.
    well that absolutely correct, i m agreed with u,. but i would like to know just a few things,
    which i figure out for this critical situation.

    well,1) if there are 100 group of people are singing a song for reality of mother-land,
    then it will controll such kind of messy problem????
    2) if writer will begin to write very special topics of stressful mother-land, is it, it is possible to carry out the exact result?

    3) and if brainy will use their brain in this critical moment , it can
    remove from our mother-land?

    well this is time for practicaly to proved not by writting n singing .
    we need some project to bring in side the village to build the education, give them self confidence, teach them right way and provide them some profession job to surve their daily life. and co-operate with majority in the village and we must struggle with wrong person.

    well, and it is not enough to resolution , our main problem is populaion.
    though there are so many project to control the birth control, but still in our country is getting worse,
    though we will carry out some way to resolution this pitty environment but we need to begin from main step.

    look in china , thesedays if one woman give birth more than two then they will punish by government.

    if u want recall the peoples to carry out some way for such kind of compassion then we need to think so many thing,

    but we can’t do one time.
    we need first

    1) begin right education for all the nepali with same way.
    2) we must feed back in each village with different way to different types of peoples to reach in one destination.
    3) we must shout to Gau fark abhiyan.
    4) we must control daily birth.
    5) we must control illegal immigrant from india n pakistan.
    6) we must control coruption.
    and we must use the tax in right way,
    7) we must teach them time value, save our properties,
    8) we must have social work in each village to provide such kind of knowledge like morality, civilazition, sex education, time , love value, spiritual life.
    it is only my idea, but if there is other can provide their own then we can have more more dofferent types of method to rebuild our nation.
    and we can help our sister n brother to hold the pen instead of gun.


  43. Tejendra says:

    I am not dicrimanating against MONGOLIANS but this is the fact and tru thing happining in Nepal. These people(MONGOLIANS) are being used in the front line of the war. I have myself seen in reality that 95 o/o of the militia commanders are Chhetri and Bahuns….. from section commanders to Brigade commanders…. from local Janasarkar Netas to prachanda.

    I have myself seen many Mongolian gals being Sexually exploited by Militia commanders and that made me cry a few times. So guys., instead of bluntly criticising me , try to find out the comprehensive facts. Why 67 o/o of dead Jana Militias are Janajati ???????

  44. Amrit says:

    I am very sorry to see this picture. really she looks very innocent and frighten face.please do not take it wrong way, i think she might be widow because of her cruel incident. so she was being arrested by the maoist force.but she does not look like a happy. any i got sympathy for this lady.

  45. Veensent Rai says:

    Hey Tejendra,Actually You are discriminating against MOGOLIANS,This fact is 100% true Yaar.Pat Kuro 95% Maoist
    Leader Bahun ra Chetri Cha Bhanne rahecha,Tara tyes fact lai
    ma manne Wala chaina.!!!
    Tegendra Pat Sanga,Jana Militia commander Haru Le Mogolian
    Face Ko Gairls Haru Lai RAPE gareko,Sexually Exploited gareko Latest Data,Record haru Ta Holla ni,show Garnu Paryo.Pat Mukhle bolera maatra hudaina,Suneko kura story jasto bhanera Kasaile pani Believe garne wala Chaina.Pat
    Tyesto Ho bhane Proved Garera Dekhaunu Parcha,Ahile
    Samma Katti Mogolian Face Girls haru Sexually Exploited
    bhahi sakyo,Data nai show garne Ki???

    Tejendra Pat,Tapai Sanga Jana jaati Face Lai Maoist Suspect maa RAPE garera Maariyeko Data China Hola,Tara Haammi Sanga Cha.Yo hamrai Sathi bata Maile Liyeko hu.
    Well as of 0ur Knowledge MAINA SUNUWAR was Suspected
    to be a Maoist,so she was held in the Custody of ROYAL
    NEPAL ARMY.While under the invetigation she was
    jail by some army men in Big Ranks Colonal BABI KHATRI and
    Army men lai Diyeko Punishment chahi 2 years Pronotion
    stop garne ra Total six months Jail.

    MAINA SUNUWAR ko Case maa gariyeko decision Human
    Rights ko against maa cha.Tyesaile Hamro Mongol Cheli haru
    Weaponse Uthauna Baadya Bhayeka chan.Yo Weapons
    kasai ko Undue Presssure,Dabaab ra Kar le Utheko haina.

  46. Raj says:

    If you look the past,present of Nepal than u will know the who detroy Nepal?Balbahadur became minister…but have you seen,hear that he has done corruption???He became nearly 21 time acting prime minister,have he done any wrong things aganist country or being involuved in corruption.??Gyane ko kura ni nakare ramro.Maskey,Hk maa total population ko 90 perecent moongolian chha.u better know it.
    Picture maa ekwata moongolian keti ko picture maa innocent,emotional show gardina?Kina??first she is Nepali girl??Moongalian keti hudaimaa nepali keti,gal represent gardaina ra??
    Baburam bhattarai chetri ho…thats ture..but have u imgagine rolpa maa,rukuma kina magar haru marchan ta??Becoz they are innocent,they are forced by this baburam.
    jan Milita le moongolian girl lai matra raped garchha banere kun data chha??show me..15 years ko Mina Sunuwar lai army le raped garda taipai haru ko maan chudai na??
    Picture girl le guns bokera aganist regime battle garchha bhane its her deicision.We have to respect it..thats her decision ni..Maskey u are in USA,personal,private is important hunchha ni ..hoina ra??

  47. Vibhishan RAI says:

    I Agreed with Veesent Yaar.Bhoj Pur Ki Haamro Cheli Le weapons Kasai Ko Undue Pressure,Dabbab ra Kar le Uthayeko Hoina.Weapons Uthaunu Usko Baadhyataa Pani huna sakcha,MAINA SUNUWAR kai Jasto case Jana Jaati Girls Haru maa Bhahi rahemaa Hammi haru Pani Weapons Uthauna maa Sabai Bhanda Agaadi Hune chau.

    Kina ki Yo Yug Bhaneko Weapons VS Weapons Ko Yug ho.
    Weapons Uthayera maatra Problem solve huncha bhane
    weapons kai Takker Garnu Parcha.Ani Maatra SAKTI balance
    maa Aaucha.

    Weapons Le Rajya Satta Capture Kahile pani garna Sakidaina
    Bhanne Dialogue 0ld Bhahi sakyo.Weapons Cha Bhane sabai
    Cha,Afganistaan ra Iraq maa Pani Weapons Kai Khel bhayeko
    Malai Lagdaina Ki Chelli le Weapons Uthayera Galat decision
    Garin,Mero 100% support cha.!!!!

  48. kailash,singapore says:

    These moongalions gal are raped by jan militia..what do u mean??Dont you see emotinal,innocent picture??She represent the nepali girl situation and if there is no alternative than we should cary guns.If you were brother of Maina Sunuwar than what u do in that situation??????Have you imagine that u will get right justices from court???No man,u will not…
    she has done right..i dont think that she has done wrong.
    I fully support her decision.

  49. MASKEY,ILL. USA says:

    absolutely correct Raj ji, nepal destroyed by bahun ab baki rahayo hong kong , tyo pani bahun ko

    sankhya badhi hudaichh , smaran hos, hong kong pani nepal jastai hola ni? ki kaso??
    ek damai ucch bichar , ho, tini ek nari hun u nepal ko critical sthiti le banduk samaune badhaya ta ma chhin.
    but i didn’t
    point she is belonging some cast same as ur concept,
    only i pointed,” u add the butter in the fire so i reminded with eg. of misinster and babu ram, okey.
    and u must calm down and rememebred what is my comment for innocent girl ?
    if u focused my comments through cast then u r also belonging tejendra’s concept!
    My comments are not belonging any cast. if u had read then it is reasonable to say to my comments to wtih ur such kind of poor comment.
    but I m not going to roar for ur comment with stupid view.

    my all comments are focusing what should we do for this stressful moment.

    i m not journalist to journalism such as ur for comment.
    just i droped my own feeling what is going on? and what is our responced for thatcae?

    well and here is one question for u,

    what is meaning of private and personal is important hunchha ni.. hoin…. ra?
    may i don’t have any indea anout that?
    could u clear for me ??
    well many thanks
    god bless us to holding gun to recognised in the world to Tony blair and George W. bush to take against for gun to carry out peace by bumbing from UK AND USA.

    my comment is for u only i gave u eg. for bahun not for ur cast, okey smart gentleman.

    if u won’t comment for bahun then my comment wouldn’t focused through minister Babu ram and Bal Bahadur rai.


  50. Raj says:

    journalist hunuparchha ra comment ko lagi??Tajendra ko mind ni mental disturb chha…she saw the moongalians girls first not the nepali girls facing trouble.
    All nepali people feel sad about the country.Thats true.
    No people carry guns without facing problems,without reasons.If she carry guns and fight for regime than its her decision ni..hoina ra??lets say USA and Sussie..i mean Switzerland..people dont asked them his,her that what is they doing,??Its their decision…So my intension only is its her life,her path. she carry guns..whether it is bad or good..future will so..hoina ra maskey ji??

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