पोखराबाट लक्स सुपर मोडलका लागि ५ जना छनौट (+Photo)

एचकेनेपाल डट कम सम्वाददाता -
लक्स सुपर मोडल हण्टका लागि पोखराबाट ५ जना छनौटमा परेका छन्। छनौटमा परेका ५ जना मोडलहरुमा मनिला पुन, सृष्टी तामाङ, विनिता बिजुक्छे, सुनिता गुरुङ र बिद्या थापा छन्।

लक्स सुपर मोडल हण्टका लागि बिराटनगरमा भाद्र १० र पोखरामा भाद्र १७ मा छनौट कार्य भएका थिए भने काठमाडौंमा भाद्र २४ मा छनौट कार्य सम्पन्न हुनेछ। छनोटमा परेका २० मोडलहरुलाई आगामी आश्विन १ देखि ६ गतेसम्म सोल्टी क्राउन प्लाजामा सौन्दर्य र व्यक्तित्व विकासका विज्ञहरुबाट विशेष तालिम प्रदान गरी ६ गते ग्र्याण्ड फाइनलमा सहभागी गराईनेछ।

विजेताले लक्स सुपर मोडलको उपाधिका साथ ५० हजार रुपैंयाको पुरस्कार प्राप्त गर्ने छ।

फोटोः सुदर्शन रञ्जित, पोखरा / एचकेनेपाल डट कम।

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27 Responses to “पोखराबाट लक्स सुपर मोडलका लागि ५ जना छनौट (+Photo)”

  1. destiny pun says:

    to all the candicates…i wish u all the best n i hope u all will do good performance…..lastly goodluck manila pun magar(y)…
    destiny pun magar

  2. nelly says:

    hi , i just want to know the name of the prity girl wearing red whatever n black pant…….can i get her phone no. ….or maybe address she`s living now or email add……..plz. plz. plz.

  3. paplu shreng says:

    Ramro chha pokharali kanchi haru…..

  4. lalit thapa says:


  5. Bhim Thapa says:

    hope that your performance will be well and you will be keeping the name of nepal in the top of world like Sagarmatha.

    but one thing you r very sexy and good looking in the dress which you wear the red one. Are u marrid or not if not like to marry with you and i am an UK Army and i will be in nepal at 2007 hope to meet u soon.

    Bye with love

  6. nelly says:

    hey, guys!!! plz no proposing……specially to the girl wearing red t-shirt…….and bhim it was to sweet but she doesn`t like UK army…………….i know bcoz she`s my girlfren……n she loves me verry very much……….i hope u don`t mind keeping us alone……

  7. tek says:

    wish you all pokharali mayaharu lai……………….

  8. sonam lama says:

    hi evrey one good ,and best wish .

  9. gloomynite says:

    gurlz keep on ur aim n destination…Never Give ur hope.Try hard i promise that u will kiss ur goal oneday…eMMM but be sincerce n honest..
    n one thing to say for naughty guys hy guys beauty is juust to see but not to touch

  10. mareni ama says:

    modeling is good but its being missuse why?I congrate u beautiful ladies…from the very core of my heart..be success n oneday be miss world..if we gatta aim think it very high n deeply..but i hate models why u know…coz my gurlfrend was aslo doin model befo ..she left me huuuuuuhuwhoooo i am cryin….

  11. nelly says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahah i feel very good when man just like u mareni ama crries hahahahahaha……u know mareni,, never trust a girl who r selfish…….i too have a girlfren who is model i truat her as well as love her…. too much.., u know y??? bcoz she is the onlyone who can understand me……i know all abt. her n she too knows me better than anyone in this world…..we two feel very luckey to get eachother…… so it dosen`t matter wather u`r girlfren is model or not…….the thing is how she treats u or make love with u???????i hope u understand what i say????

  12. kiran Rai, USA says:

    To Neptey Nepalese People…

    Have you ever think to promote education, cheer to educated people, help and support to children for higher education?

    Have you ever give education scholarship to Neptey people?

    We desperately need more educated people… We need to produce higher quality intellectual people in our society… We do not need SUPER MODEL, BODYBUILDERS OR FASHION ARTIST.



  13. prembalal 123456 says:

    सर्व पर्थम मेरो नमस्कार साथै पोखरा बात लक्स् सुपर मोद्लका लागि
    हजुर हरुलाई म धन्यवाद तथा वधाइ तक्राउछु
    साथै हजुरहरु को प्रगती को कामना गर्दछु [ प्रेम् वियोगि] वुतवल रुपन्देही नेपाल [हाल् मलेसिया कुवललम्,पूर्]

  14. roman gautam says:

    comment no # 12. is not bad.

  15. BIR GURUNG says:

    Congratulation to all who has been choosen for the LUX beauty contest from Pokhara. There is no doubt at all that all are No 1 in beauty, but they must have a beauty/good knowledge in all respect. I hope, one out of them will sure to capture the LUX queen. May God bless them.

  16. Bhakta Gurung says:

    Preety face, hope she is more than that. my best wishes are with her!! Go girl and win the World!!

  17. binod pun says:

    wish u all d best manila pun magar.now u got lux power so im hopin this is lux time ya.k k good luck c ya.

  18. lekhanath khadka says:

    धन्यवाद पोखरका सुन्दरिहरुलाई

  19. Durga Gurung says:

    I just want to say that evry one you people are too good to me and no words to descrive you self.Once again i thank you for giving me a little chance to enter your site and i hope it will be continue for the any moment and any propose and pass my evry single words to all my best of models is still has not rectified. Will see it what will be the my next decesion to be taken.Secondly be come best of beauty depend on the knoledge, formance, experiance, education, and and back ground experience, polite, honesty .

  20. ashwin pun says:

    wish u good luck nalina pun,, good job,,,,, keep it up ……

  21. Baikuntha karki says:

    Hi, namaste
    to all the candicates……… i wish you all the best and i hope all will do good performance…………… lastely goodluck sunita gurung. bye with love

  22. Naresh Gurung says:

    Hi Guys, All of so cute & pretty. wish u all of guys. Thanks
    Naresh Gurung

  23. sagar says:

    naskar chha sabai lai mero la. sabai ramri atinai sundari.tara pani aja malai (2) nambar lai atinai ramro lagyo tyesalle (2) nambar nai 2007 ko miss nepal ok byeeeeeeeee

  24. Ashu says:

    good noce girls in pokhara. i like nepali funny beutiful girls.

  25. Binod Magar says:

    Purbama Tista ra Paschimma Satalaz simana raheko ati Sundar Nepal ko maya garne ra chinta chha bhane Model, Make ra Fashion lai chhodera esko itihaansh khojera naya Nepal srijana garna aghi badhaun Chetansil bani arulai pani agrasar garaun natra Nepal des India lai bujhauna tamseka Girija jasta Neta aru pani chhan

  26. manjil rana says:

    hi all friends best of log in your life.

  27. narayan says:

    iam from k s a i want

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