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DAB Language Playroom

DAB Language Playroom
(25 August 2008) Would you like to join your children in learning a foreign language within a casual and relaxed environment? Regardless of your nationality or the language you speak, the DAB thinks your answer is likely to be YES.

In early July the DAB Family Affairs Committee carried out a telephone survey involving 338 parents with children under 16 years of age, to explore ways in which they could help their children improve their knowledge of foreign languages. The results showed that almost 80% of parents were keen for their children to become fluent in English, followed closely by Putonghua and Japanese.

DAB Standing Committee member and Chairman of Family Affairs Committee Starry Lee Wai-king (middle, in red) introduces the online “Language Playroom” at the media conference.

In response to these findings, the Committee has launched an online “Language Playroom”, a platform designed to encourage children and their parents to learn languages within a relaxed and fun-filled environment. It is hoped that this programme will not only make the learning process more enjoyable, but will also strengthen family relations.

At a media conference on 12 August, DAB Standing Committee member and Chairman of Family Affairs Committee Starry Lee Wai-king joined teachers to introduce the DAB’s online “Language Playroom”. “Like many parents in Hong Kong,” she said, “I would like my daughter to learn one or more foreign languages as early as possible. When parents spend time with their children during the learning process, the children learn faster and better. Family relations are also enhanced by this kind of parental input.”

We are teachers. (From left: Bruce, Simmy, Kobe, Ethan, Alice and Edwin)

The DAB cares deeply about family affairs, believing that good family relations are fundamental in creating a stable and healthy society, regardless of people’s ethnic backgrounds. The online “Language Playroom” is a useful and fun-filled platform for parents and their children – and it can be conveniently accessed at home.

Starry added, “Learning foreign languages is important to all children, whatever their nationality or culture. This is particularly true in a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong. As parents, one way of showing our care for our children is by encouraging them to master foreign languages, so they will be better-equipped to adapt to and contribute to society when they grow up.” Starry

is a candidate for the 2008 Legislative Council Election (Geographical Constituencies), and she heads the DAB candidate list (List No. 2) for Kowloon West.

The “Language Playroom” programme is available for Putonghua, Japanese and English, and includes eight lessons for each language. The Putonghua and Japanese lessons continue until 31 August, and the English lessons until 27 September.

Each of the lessons has a practical focus on everyday situations, using real-life scenes to help parents and children explore the basic building blocks of the language. To join the “Language Playroom”, visit the DAB website at

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